Stocking Creek East Wall Replacement

Client: BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure

Project Value: $600,000.00

Date: May 2008 to September 2008


This project was to replace a failing retaining wall on the east side of the Trans Canada Hwy at Stocking Creek, 4km south of Ladysmith. The site was environmentally sensitive, as Stocking Creek is a fish bearing creek, and the work was to take place directly above the creek. The project required the shut down of the north bound slow lane for 2 months while the work took place, as the excavation was 9 meters deep, right up to the edge of the north bound fast lane. We used a Mechanically Stabilized Earth wall product from Nilex called Sierra Scape, as well as soil anchors to rebuild the wall. We completed the work 3 weeks ahead of the scheduled completion date.